My Personal Informations

My values are all based upon people and religion, and they really cannot be separated, because church is about people and their relationships with each other and the creator. I do not think that my religion controls my values, but more that I value my religion, because it reinforces my value system. Values are developed early in life, and the basic core values I think do not change. We modify how mush we value certain things and we modify how we apply our value system to our lives, but the basic values are who we are.

My basic values are that I want others to care about me and treat me well. I want good things to happen to those people I care about and I value their opinion of me. I try not to hurt anyone, because that hurts me. Any time I hurt someone I feel badly for some time afterward, depending on how seriously I hurt that person and also on how responsible I was for the hurt. I think it also matters how much I care about that person. It hurts more when you hurt people you care about. I think this all comes from my early education at home, and it is reinforced by several factors. It all connects to wanting to be loved.


Birthday & Birthplace : OCTOBER 12, 1960 / Sta. Ana, Manila Philippines

Hometown Address : 8923 P. Victor Street, Guadalupe Nuevo-Makati City, Philippines


Marital Status : Married to LILIAN DIMAIN-PERMITO / March 28, 1987 - Church of Christ (locale of Guadalupe-Makati City)

Educational Attainment : M.A Course - Master of Arts in Education

                                             : College - Bachelor of FINE ARTS major in ADVERTISING ARTS