My Strength & Capabilities

" Now that digital lifestyle devices, tablets, wireless phones, and other Internet appliances are beginning to come of age, we need to worry about presenting our content to these devices so that it is optimized for their display capabilities."

  • Preparing budgets and estimates for components of the advertising campaign

  • Preparing or helping with development of the annual budget

  • Managing the planning and preparation of promotional matter, ensuring that it is consistent with the advertiser's marketing strategy

  • Meeting with clients and officials across departments to coordinate campaigns
  • Scrutinizing, copying, and editing promotional material and ensuring it conforms to guidelines

  • Forming and negotiating contracts

  • Coordinating activities across the various departments of the agency

  • Developing contacts for promotional campaigns

  • Collecting and sorting information to build advertising campaigns

  • Overseeing the results of campaigns to determine their effectiveness

  • Keeping up with industry trends
  • Acting as an agent for advertising accounts

  • Supporting presentations and product demonstrations when launching new campaigns

  • Motivating and mobilizing the campaign team to meet objectives

  • Drawing up and implementing advertising strategies for companies and clients

  • Engaging in public relations activities

  • Training new employees

  • Marketing the services of the agency to present and potential clients

  • Conducting product research and development

  • Representing the company at industry conferences and other events